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pSPEAKING: Keynotes to Transform and Inspire

Signature Keynote: M.O.X.I.E. – 5 Precepts to Defying Limits


This Program offers five precepts to help individuals to breakthrough and defy the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, so that they can show up more powerfully and Rock their MOXIE!!!

Participants will leave with a renewed perspective, determination to win, and anticipation of success in whatever their heart desires.


Women’s Empowerment: IMAGERY – The Evolution of YOU!


You can never be your best self until you can really see yourself.

This keynote offers women an opportunity to see their reflection from their core and notice their beauty and worth, enabling them to unleash the latent power of “YOU.”

Participants are women who will walk through a process of transformation that shows them how they can shift from who they are to who they want to become, living their best lives unappologetically and intentionally… SURFACE DEEP!


Leadership: The Lid and The Legacy


Are you prepared to take the next step and create the life and career you’ve always desired? Is something holding you back? It’s time to lift your lid and increase your significance.

This keynote will help you develop the essential skills needed to move beyond your current level so you can inspire and influence others, thus leaving a legacy. You will leave with tools to help you scale upwards and be the unforgettable influencer people will want to follow and will never forget because of the value you have added to their lives. You will write your epitaph.

Coaching Tools For Experiencing Breakthrough

 If you are ready to shift to another dimension in life and in your profession; If you are willing to rise above mediocrity; If what you have been doing is not serving you anymore, and you want more; If you are struggling with moving forward; if you are stuck and need a boost; if you have a dream or aspiration and don’t know where to start; I have been there, I understand, and can be your Champion for Change and Growth. I am your soft place to fall and the Coach that listens with my heart and extends a hand to pull you up to realize your Greatness.

( and I do all of this with… No fluff, No frills, No thrills, No Gimmicks.)



    • Includes one complimentary 30 minute getting to know you session.
    • 60–90-minute intake session
    • 1-hour weekly coaching sessions
    • 1 additional 15-minute call as needed to get clarity or unstuck.
    • Three- or Six-month coaching packages



Free your mind, say what you need to say out loud, use your voice, clear the clutter! Sometimes you just need someone to talk to and a soft place to fall. Get it out! Let it go! Say It!… BREATHE! 


These programs are offered to organizations who want to add value to their leaders and emerging leaders, as a way to increase their influence and significance. They are ideal for organizations that endeavor to add value to their employees, students, or congregants and can be offered in person or virtually and run from four to eight weeks.


This 6-week mastermind is an expansion and combination of the L.I.F.T. eBook and John Maxwell’s, Put Your Dream to The Test. Participants will explore and inventory their dreams and aspirations from Launch of the idea to Intentional Acceleration, to their Flight Crew, to Testing and Takeoff. These principles are riddled with 10 questions and principles to bring your dream into reality… See it and seize it


Twenty years ago, your business or organization could have been at its apex however today you may be struggling, wondering what happened and why it is so hard to stay afloat. Let the Shift begin. This 6-week masterclass will help leaders move forward and always see the bigger picture understanding that today’s best will not meet tomorrow’s challenges.


The Key to Leadership is leading from the inside out. You cannot give what you do not have, and you can’t teach what you’re not living and do it with integrity and sustainability. It will not work. Participants will leave with invaluable tools that will help them develop leadership skills that increase their influence in business and community. 6-week course


A study and exploration of John Maxwell’s, 15 Invaluable Laws for Leadership to help you gain influence and momentum in life and business.

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

This program is essential to every organization. Connection is the key in every relationship, company or organization. This is a results-based teaching, training, mastermind, or masterclass, that will awaken every member on your team from leadership, management and team.

Communication is not enough… Connection is everything.

With this program you have the option of also utilizing the Maxwell Method DISC Behavioral Assessment for your team or entire company.

Make your words matter and Influence the outcome… CONNECT

A cherished confidante for me and so many others.

My life and business coach, Lady E, added value to every session, and we developed an awesome relationship.  She is a truth teller and would not allow me to waste her time or mine.  

There were “ouches” and some pregnant pauses because I was holding on to some practices way too long. I had to put on my “big girl panties” and say no more to playing my myself cheap and low!!! 

Thanks to Lady E and her determined spirit that said, “it’s up to you”!!!

I cannot say enough about Lady E… Thank you!

Earlyn Jackson-Reynolds

Founder, Inspiring Parents 2 Parent, LLC