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For Bookings: Eneazer@Eneazer.com :: (314) 278-3230

Are you looking for a speaker or trainer to help engage, inspire and focus your team, and help lift your lid in Leadership? My team and I are here to help with leadership development and help you be a river, not a reservoir, building a bridge, helping your company go from success to significance.

If you are in a holding pattern and you need coaching to help get you out of stagnation, or a boost to take-off and DEFY LIMITS in any area of your life, personal and/or professional, I am here to be that bridge for you.

Email: Eneazer@Eneazer.com
Phone: (314) 278-3230

8651 Highway N
Ste 100 PMB #3096
Lake St Louis, MO 63367

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