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You Are More

Than You Could Ever Imagine…



Eneazer “Lady E.” Layne

The “Moxie” Whisperer

You Are More

Than You Could Ever Imagine…




Are you ready to dive deeper?


Surface Deep…The Evolution of You is an unfiltered and enlightened guide to digging deeper to bring forth the best you possible. Rooted in faith and personal stories of triumphs and overcoming tribulations, the book was written from an anatomical and physiological perspective to activate you to live everything between your birth and death with purpose, determination and without limits. Order it now!

Rock Your M.O.X.I.E.

A Success Roadmap Built to Help You Soar!

Moxie is the ingredient necessary to Excel in life and change is necessary to rise above the fray. If you want to ride the wind and soar in life and in leadership, MOXIE is what you need to override every limitation imaginable helping you to adopt new perspectives and possibilities to be at peace with yourself, and the decisions you make. Fear, uncertainty, hiding behind the letters behind your name, and academic accomplishments, yet wanting, can be enemies to your success whether you are in the C-Suite, or just beginning on your journey to success and significance. If you are ready to Rock Your Moxie and show up in life with more:

  • Courage
  • Grit
  • Determination

Don’t Settle For Less Than You Deserve

Love Your Life, Live Your Dreams, Leave a Legacy!

A Whole New World Opens Up to You Once You Realize That NO is Just the Beginning of A New Opportunity to Defy Limits.

There was one word in the vocabulary that I knew and understood clearly, that word was NO! My normal and familiar was negativity. Can’t, won’t, ain’t, never, no and sin was my portion, not by choice but by force.

Who would’ve thunk you would be reading this on a website with my name on it, Eneazer… Rock of Help, Stone of Help. Life has thrown me some unimaginable curves and I’m sure you’ve had your share, but I don’t have a sad story because the irreconcilable differences in my life have worked out not only for my good, but also for yours.

Are you stuck, settling, ready to unlock untapped potential, feeling like you are being held back because of the No’s and negativity in your life, or from fear and anxiety, and you’re ready to unlock your genius?

Whether you are in the C-Suite and need a confidant who can help you confidently and confidentially SHIFT, or just getting started and need direction, clarity, and a boost…

I can help you find the Grit, Determination & Courage to ROCK YOUR MOXIE purposefully and unappologetically. 

Eneazer’s message resonated with our group and was so powerful. She had our group laughing and crying. Her message was inspiring and moving. We can’t wait to have her speak and sing at our next conference.

Lethia Owens

CEO, Game Changers Internatonal