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A wonderful example of a Christian woman

I believe the true character of a person is revealed when they are faced with adversity. I have seen Lady E remain poised in every situation imaginable, and in every unbelievable test of faith. It has never just been in what she said or even how she carried herself. It has been -and still is- all in what she does. What she does is inspire, encourage and motivate. How could I ever say thank you for being who you are…. A Thanks is not enough, but that’s all I have. Love Ya!

Joslyn Anthony-Sandifer, Esq.

Sandifer & Associates, LLC.

My name is Eneazer and I am affectionately known as “Lady E”. I am a Woman of Faith and Love with a Passion for empowering and depositing value into people’s lives. I have found joy in being a source of inspiration to countless young ladies coming into womanhood as well as women of all ages, for over 40 years.

I am the Founder of IMAGERY International, Inc., the “I AM” Movement, a not-for-profit Women’s Empowerment Organization. My purpose is to pour, encourage and empower Girls and Women of all ages. As an accomplished teacher with the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life, regardless of rank or lack thereof, I am known for my candid, straight, real, sometimes raw and yet inspiring message of hope, victory, and faith, as well as humor.

My style is to inspire uncompromisingly with power, authority, and love, this approach captures the hearts of my students and clients who lean in.

My ability to empower comes from countless obstacles I have overcome in life which allows me to relate and reach those who are going through the same or similar issues.

I am a champion for women, adding value by challenging mindsets and limiting beliefs, uplifting and encouraging women to Rock Their MOXIE! I am also a proud member of The John Maxwell Team, offering masterclasses, and coaching for individuals and organizations in growth, in Leadership and Life.

My gifting is singing and songwriting as a gospel recording artist, which to my credit, are five sound recordings that have inspired and uplifted the hearts of thousands. I have won awards, received many accolades and have traveled extensively throughout the United States, England and South Africa.

My greatest joy is being my husband’s girlfriend, my sons mother and G.G. (Gorgeous Granny) of six grandsons. To add to my quiver, God has blessed me with many children of all ages, male and female, whom though I didn’t birth into this world, lovingly call me “Momma Neeza”.

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A cherished confidante for me and so many others.

My life and business coach, Lady E, added value to every session, and we developed an awesome relationship.  She is a truth teller and would not allow me to waste her time or mine.

There were “ouches” and some pregnant pauses because I was holding on to some practices way too long. I had to put on my “big girl panties” and say no more to playing my myself cheap and low!!!

Thanks to Lady E and her determined spirit that said, “it’s up to you”!!!

I cannot say enough about Lady E… Thank you!

Earlyn Jackson-Reynolds

Founder, Inspiring Parents 2 Parent, LLC

My Cause – Working for a Cause I Believe In!

If you would like to know more about Lady E’s cause, IMAGERY International, Inc., or help her continue transforming lives by adding value to young girls and women of all ages, and Mother’s Overcoming the grief of losing a child, with a donation. Click here to learn more or donate.