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Have you ever had to show up for an opportunity of a lifetime feeling out of place, unqualified, undereducated, unfit… terrified?

This is a conundrum that most people if not all experience in life.

Life presents complexities that can leave us feeling and even convincing ourselves that we are defeated at the gate. Our eyes gaze wide, and our tongues form the phrases…

Our mind and tongue sing a defeatist song in concert, “I Don’t Know Why”_____ “I Don’t Know How”____ “I Don’t Know What”____ “I Don’t Know When”_____ “I Don’t Know Who”.

These three words (IDK) become a part of our narrative that leaves us believing we are lost and having the propensity to give up thus, inhibiting our growth in the area we are being challenged. The counter or opposing question should be…

“How bad do I want this?” 

“Am I willing to learn?”

 “Am I in it to win it?”

“Do I have the Moxie to Dig Deep within myself to defy this limiting narrative in my mind?”

Whatever it is, whatever burns within your heart, whatever you desire, whatever you dream about at night, however obtuse the challenge or whatever you imagine in your mind or see that has not yet been revealed…

Imagine this truth…

You are reading your story and it is self-titled, Your Book of Life. As you read the story of your life you are able to reflect on the trials, triumphs, and tragedies in wonder of how you were confronted and conflicted with countless obstacles and somehow you did not die in those winter seasons in life. You also get the opportunity to reflect on the victories, triumphs, and joyful seasons in your life and celebrate the euphoria of your wins. What does that look and feel like?

“I don’t Know”, is not being Aware. Not being aware is remarkably similar to being asleep, unconscious, even simply existing instead of Living in your moments and being fully awakened to what can be or is possible in the narrative of your Book of Life.

I believe the front and back cover as well as the first chapter of our Book of Life was respectfully, strategically, and wonderfully framed and written by God. Subsequent chapters were written by the guardians of our youth and the remaining chapters have been and are being written by the pen in our minds, hearts, and hands.

Simply put… To Know is To Grow. Undoubtedly you don’t give yourself enough credit. You know things, you don’t know, you Know! Growth can happen at any time…any age. It’s not over until the back cover of your Book of Life swings or swipes left.

Growth continues to happen whether you intentionally grow or not.

But it is so much better to Intentionally grow with

Awareness because that is when the Magic happens!!!

We are responsible for creating and narrating the story of our lives, which means that changing the way you perceive things is entirely within your capability.

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